13 Reasons Why

There has been a lot of hype built around “13 Reasons Why.” It’s one of Netflix pieces of original content and when they have things like “Better Call Saul” and “Making A Murderer” under their belt then whenever the Netflix gang release something new it always catches our attention.

“13 Reasons Why” was originally a book written by Jay Asher in 2007. The paperback edition hit the number 1 spot of the New York Time Best Seller list in 2011 so making it into a TV series was always on that cards…

…but is it any good? Well we watched it beginning to end recently and in our humble opinion. We don’t know!

Okay thats a cop-out but let us explain. There are points when the narrative is riveting and you get so involved in the characters that you find yourself pointing at the TV and shouting things. Then there are momentsĀ of pure confusion. Some of the scenes seem completely and utterly blown out of proportion while others look like things that would only happen in an episode of some teen driven MTV pilot.

In saying that we didn’t hate it. It has a lot more great moments than bad. The whole series is centered around the suicide of Hannah Baker who left 7 double sided cassette tapes behind which fall on the door steps of the the people she talks about on saidĀ tapes.

It’s really dark. It’s eye opening to some of the things that young people face in todays social media crazed world and it’s scary. The only main draw back in our eyes is sometimes it starts to look a bit over the top with 6 million people at a party the back yard of someones 29 bedroom mansion complete with pool house. If you put this to one side you have a really solid piece of of television.


There is apparently a second series in the works so we think there was quite a lot left out of the series to leave the potential to expand on it. In our opinion it should have been all wrapped up with a pretty bow by the end of seasons one a second series is something it could have done without.

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